Market Switzerland

“By supplying the energy for our chairlifts, snowmakers and restaurants, Repower helps give our guests the ultimate snow experience.”

Beat Zenklusen, manager of Bergbahnen Brigels Waltensburg Andiast AG, in front of “his” snow cannon.

Services for third parties: a key pillar of business

Providing services is an increasingly important part of Repower's business. In 2015 the company worked on numerous contracts for outside customers in areas ranging from Generation and Grid to Trading, Sales & Marketing.


In 2015 Repower continued to work on many different service contracts. These included the engineering for the renovation of the 220-kV Avegno substation in Canton Ticino, where planning was completed and the building application submitted. If the approval process runs according to plan, construction is likely to commence in autumn 2016. Repower also worked on the renovation of the Pradella switching station run by Engadiner Kraftwerke in the Lower Engadine. Various other maintenance and planning contracts for customers in sectors including the railways are proof that Repower is getting increasingly firmly established in this business. Sales from services in Generation came to around CHF 5 million in 2015.


Services for third parties continued to play a prominent role in Grid in 2015. Engadiner Kraftwerke (EKW) has commissioned Repower to maintain and expand its grid in the Lower Engadine. One year into the five-year contract and there are only successes to report. Repower provided electrical access as part of a major multi-year project with Bergbahnen Weisse Arena AG in Laax. The project was concluded in the year under review. Service contracts in Grid contributed a total of around CHF 6 million to Repower's sales revenues.


The Trading unit, in collaboration with Sales, is also increasingly positioning itself as a provider of services to third parties. For example Repower manages portfolios and balance groups on behalf of medium-sized energy utilities in Switzerland. Other services include providing market information, access to the wholesale markets, and marketing flexibility. Repower continued to offer these services in 2015. Added to this was a contract to set up a power generation optimisation system for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). Last year Repower managed to successfully complete and commission the system. Repower will continue to work with SBB, providing system support and various other wholesale market services.

Sales & Marketing

In 2015 Sales & Marketing continued to facilitate efforts to market grid, generation and trading services by providing sales and marketing support, as well as developing services itself, for example in relation to electric vehicles. Sales & Marketing also pushed ahead with its partner strategy to set up cooperation with other energy utilities. Among other things, the unit organised information events to enable utilities to network and pool experience.

On the strength of its proven technical track record, Repower intends to position itself even more firmly as a service provider in the future.