Market Switzerland

“By supplying the energy for our chairlifts, snowmakers and restaurants, Repower helps give our guests the ultimate snow experience.”

Beat Zenklusen, manager of Bergbahnen Brigels Waltensburg Andiast AG, in front of “his” snow cannon.


Last year Repower, Axpo and ewz merged their high-voltage grids in northern Graubünden to create a grid association. The results after a year of joint operation are positive. The three companies have been able to increase the security of supply, generate synergy for future grid expansion efforts, and optimise costs – also to the benefit of end-consumers.

In 2015 Repower also moved forward with plans to build a cross-border merchant line in Val Bregaglia (Bergell). The approval process for construction and operation of the line is currently under way: partial permission has been granted in some areas, and the first so-called Conferenza dei Servizi in Italy gave the project a positive assessment. Last but not least, Grid joined forces with Sales to develop a new tariff called Smartpower and bring it to market, initially for pilot customers. Under this innovative new offering, prices are determined by output rather than electricity use. This enables customers to shape the future of energy by managing and optimising their own energy use. The package also includes Smart Meter, an intelligent electricity meter, and Smart Manager, which enables the automatic management of electrically powered equipment.

At the end of the year the Federal Electricity Commission (ElCom) concluded its examination of Repower's grid usage tariffs. Repower is satisfied with the outcome of the review, which confirmed the main figures and provides urgently needed legal security with regard to future investment.

To assure security of supply, Repower invests in its grid assets on an ongoing basis, with capital expenditure in this area totalling almost CHF 13 million in 2015. Expenditure on regular maintenance came to around CHF 9 million.