Other segments and activities

“Our guests come here to recharge − literally and metaphorically.”

The Grand Resort in Bad Ragaz is Europe's leading wellbeing and medical health resort. To meet his guests' electric vehicle needs, CEO Peter P. Tschirky has installed a charging station from Repower.


At the beginning of 2015 Repower Romania successfully brought Naturepower to market. The TÜV-certified product consists of 100 per cent renewables. Another new addition to the range is a thermal imaging service enabling customers to identify faults in electrical equipment. Last year Repower also continued to work on optimising its sales portfolio by not renewing unprofitable contracts and focusing on smaller customers.

Repower in Romania commissioned a comprehensive IT platform to support its sales activities. The platform streamlines internal processes by integrating functions for generating forecasts of consumption, managing customer and energy data, and invoicing, and additional modules in a single system. To counter heavy competition in the Romanian market, Repower also reoriented its sales and distribution strategy and strengthened its network of sales consultants.

These efforts underscore Repower's belief that there is still major potential for innovative energy providers in the young and rapidly growing Romanian market. However, under the Group's new strategic orientation, efforts will be focused on the key markets of Switzerland and Italy. For this reason, Repower is looking into the sale of its business in Romania.