Market Italy

“Energy from Repower brings spirits to life − just like our grappa.”

Two entrepreneurial sisters: Nicoletta and Claudia Mazzetti among the casks in the cellars of Distilleria Mazzetti in Altavilla Monferrato (Piemont). They use Repower's Verde Dentro offering for one-stop green power supply and electric vehicle services, getting expert advice and support from Repower sales consultant Piero Guarino.


The environment for thermal power plants remained tough last year. Despite this, the combined-cycle gas turbine plant in Teverola was deployed slightly more frequently than in previous years, primarily on the day-ahead market. Thanks to favourable weather conditions, Repower's own wind farms in Lucera and Corleto Perticara produced slightly more electricity than in 2014. The volume of energy generated by the Giunchetto wind farm, in which Repower holds an interest, was also higher than the prior year. In 2015 the environmental ministry confirmed the environmental compatibility of the Campolattaro pumped storage project in the province of Benevento. Potential investors are currently doing due diligence on the project.