Other segments and activities

“Our guests come here to recharge − literally and metaphorically.”

The Grand Resort in Bad Ragaz is Europe's leading wellbeing and medical health resort. To meet his guests' electric vehicle needs, CEO Peter P. Tschirky has installed a charging station from Repower.

In 2015, group functions faced further challenges in connection with implementing Repower's efficiency programme. The focus in Romania was on optimising the sales portfolio and developing new offerings to actively counter stiff competitive pressure.

Group functions

The group functions (Legal & Risk, Human Resources & Business Support, Communications, Finance and IT) provide centralised services to the entire organisation. In 2015 these services continued to be dominated by efforts to reduce costs.

The merger of Repower Schweiz AG with Repower AG took place with effect 1 January 2015. The merger reduces administrative expense and helps streamline corporate structures. Repower also continued to dispose of non-operational assets. Various properties have already have been sold, with the disposal of others still under way.