Market Italy

“Energy from Repower brings spirits to life − just like our grappa.”

Two entrepreneurial sisters: Nicoletta and Claudia Mazzetti among the casks in the cellars of Distilleria Mazzetti in Altavilla Monferrato (Piemont). They use Repower's Verde Dentro offering for one-stop green power supply and electric vehicle services, getting expert advice and support from Repower sales consultant Piero Guarino.

Trading in Milan

Repower trades in electricity, gas and green power certificates out of Milan. The main role of the trading team is to ensure optimum management of the company's own assets. This includes capacity from the Trans Austria gas pipeline, managing gas storage, deployment of the Teverola plant, and procuring energy for Sales. Trading plays a key role in terms of efforts to optimise volumes sold in the Italian sales market.

In 2015, two terawatt hours of electricity were sold via Trading in Milan (down 13 per cent on the previous year). Sales of gas came to 920 million cubic metres, an increase of 29 per cent. The gas business continued to gain in importance, thanks among other things to the addition of a gas module to the Repricer procurement platform. Gas customers can now get a quote for their supply needs in real time. This new service met with a great response in the market, with the web-based system receiving around 800 enquiries, of which some 100 were closed successfully.