Market Italy

“Energy from Repower brings spirits to life − just like our grappa.”

Two entrepreneurial sisters: Nicoletta and Claudia Mazzetti among the casks in the cellars of Distilleria Mazzetti in Altavilla Monferrato (Piemont). They use Repower's Verde Dentro offering for one-stop green power supply and electric vehicle services, getting expert advice and support from Repower sales consultant Piero Guarino.


The main role of Repower Italy's Strategy & Business Development units is to rapidly identify market trends, develop new offerings from initial concept to market launch, and promote a culture of innovation within the organisation. One project with these goals is FOCUS, a service for large customers that are legally required to furnish energy certification. Repower conducts an energy audit, writes a report and final evaluation, and submits it to the authority responsible. In the first few months more than 50 companies had already made use of the service. Another innovative service currently under development at Repower is DIODA. It involves promoting energy efficiency by replacing conventional light bulbs with LED lighting. The service, currently at the test phase, has produced promising results at around 30 pilot customers.