Corporate Governance

Executive Board of the Repower Group

Kurt Bobst

CEO (Chairman of the Executive Board of the Repower Group)

Felix Vontobel

Head of Generation/Grid, Deputy CEO

Stefan Kessler

CFO (Head of Finance)

Giovanni Jochum

Head of Market

Fabio Bocchiola

Head of Italy

The list on pages 32 and 33 provides detailed information on members of the Executive Board (name, age, position, nationality, date of joining the company, professional background, and other activities and interests). No management tasks were transferred to third parties.

Under the terms of the Articles of Association, no member of the Executive Board may assume more than ten mandates at other legal entities, and no more than two of these may be at listed companies. Certain mandates are not subject to this limit (see Art. 23 Para 3 of the Articles of Association).