Corporate governance

Information policy

Repower provides its shareholders, potential investors and other stakeholder groups with comprehensive, timely and regular information in the form of annual and semi-annual reports, at the annual press conference and the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. Important developments are communicated via media releases (link to request media releases by e-mail: The website, which is regularly updated, serves as an additional source of information.

Implementation of the ordinance against excessive compensation in listed stock companies

The Ordinance against Excessive Compensation in Listed Stock Companies (OaEC), which came into force on 1 January 2014, will be fully implemented at the 2015 Annual General Meeting. In a first step, the legal requirements will be implemented for the 2014 Annual General Meeting, i.e.: individual election of the Chairman of the Board of Directors as well as members of the Board of Directors and the Compensation Committee by the Annual General Meeting, and appointment of an independent proxy by the Board of Directors (for 2014 AGM) or by the Annual General Meeting (for 2015 AGM). The term of office of the elected individuals now expires at the end of the next Annual General Meeting (one-year term of office).