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The people behind the tool: once Repricer has calculated the price, Repower traders validate the offer for the customer, who then has the option of purchasing the required volume of electricity immediately.


Electricity trading made easy

Repricer is the name of an innovative new Repower offering for electricity suppliers, municipal utilities and large industrial customers. It consists of a web-based real-time pricing and procurement platform which offers electrical utilities and industrial customers a fast, easy way of obtaining offers at current market prices and if they wish they can conclude the transaction online straight away. The platform is designed to meet the growing need of electricity utilities and large industrial customers for a flexible, market-oriented method of procuring electricity on the wholesale market.

Samuel Bontadelli, Head of Trading Poschiavo at Repower, explains the background and functions of the online tool in the following interview.

Interview with Samuel Bontadelli, Head of Trading Poschiavo at Repower

What's the idea behind Repricer?

The basic idea is to bring electricity utilities and large industry closer to the market, provide them with access to wholesale prices, and create transparency. We also want the tool to help make the Swiss market more dynamic.

What are the benefits for Repricer users?

Based on a framework agreement, partners and customers can enter the required volume of electricity and delivery period on the platform, and in real time receive a price calculation based on current wholesale prices and, shortly after this, a binding offer from a Repower trader. As an alternative to these standard products, electricity utilities can upload their load profile to the tool, which Repower will then use as a basis for an offer tailored exactly to their requirements. If they are interested, the transaction can be performed immediately. The platform also allows customers to build up market know-how and raise their awareness of prices.

What are the benefits of the tool for Repower?

The phased liberalisation of the Swiss energy market is also increasing the need for such flexible and transparent procurement options. Our long-term goal is to use the platform to generate sales volume and exploit economies of scale for our portfolio management purposes. We are committed to continually expanding the tool: at present we are adding functions for gas sales. We also want to expand it to other markets in which we operate.

Interested parties have the opportunity to test the platform for themselves, at no obligation: a free demo version is available for this purpose at