In-depth reports on "Cooperation and innovation"

“For us the only feasible solution on the market was Repower's 'Verde Dentro', which has enabled us to take one more step towards our sustainability goal.” Riccardo Braccialini, CEO of the Braccialini Group (left), talking with Repower energy consultant Alessio Baccetti at the Braccialini headquarters near Florence.

Cooperation in the interest of sustainability

In-depth report on “Cooperation and innovation” – part 5

Cooperation at the highest level — this is a fitting description of the partnership between Repower and its customer Braccialini, a leading leather goods manufacturer in Italy. What brought the two companies together was the concept behind Repower's 'Verde Dentro' energy offering: sustainability and innovation.

Repower closely monitors changes and trends on the market. So it stands to reason that it is among the pioneers in the growing spread of e-mobility and the development of charging stations for electric cars where leading-edge technology and elegant design are harmoniously combined.

For its part, Braccialini has for some years been pursuing a corporate strategy and market approach that focuses on social and environmental responsibility. So it was no coincidence that the company opted for Repower's 'Scelta Verde Dentro' offering, including the related e-mobility offerings: part of an entire range of investments in sustainability which the Braccialini Group has made in recent years. The best example is the renovated headquarters near Florence: a Feng Shui inspired garden-factory the main facade of which immediately draws the eye. It is entirely covered in ivy, which protects the building against fluctuations in temperature and also acts as a sound muffler. All this is rounded off with a system to catch rainwater for irrigating the garden, plus two small renewable facilities.

By selecting 'Verde Dentro', the Braccialini Group achieved its CO2 emissions target of zero in 2013: electricity needs at head office, sales outlets and shops are fully covered by renewable energy from Repower's Corleto Perticara wind farm.

E-mobility services included in the offering

Braccialini also makes ample use of the fully electric vehicles issued by Repower as part of the 'Verde Dentro' offering: a Renault Fluence limousine for customer services, and a Kangoo Renault minivan for deliveries and other errands, which is extremely practical particularly for trips within the historic centre of Florence, where traffic is restricted. The e-bike is freely available to employees, who can register to use it via an internal reservation system. The company car park has a special area reserved for electric cars. And of course for the Repower PALINA charging station.

Braccialini was also able to communicate the advantages of 'Verde Dentro' in order to enhance its modern and responsible business approach. And it gave creativity free rein when it came to the labels for the electric cars: the company logo was promptly given a green look, evoking the ivy facade at head office. Targeted communications were also issued via the media and social networks.

The driver behind the sustainable strategy adopted by the Group is CEO Riccardo Braccialini: “An entrepreneur takes his social responsibility seriously when he acts in an environmentally friendly way. We must also think of the generations to come. So for us Repower's was the only feasible solution, since it has taken us one more step towards our sustainability goal.”

Personal energy advice

The linchpin for collaboration with Braccialini is Repower energy consultant Alessio Baccetti. With professionalism and skill he has won the trust of the customer, for whom his advice has directly translated into financial savings.

The energy consultant has skilfully implemented the key values and principles with which Repower differentiates itself on the market: it's not just a matter of selling energy, but of delivering excellent service thereafter. This is how to cultivate a close relationship with customers based on trust and the ability to listen and identify the needs of the company, in order to provide products tailored to its individual needs.

Customer portrait: Braccialini Group

Braccialini is one of Italy's largest leather goods manufacturers, and manages numerous trademarks either directly owned or under licence. The Group has made a name for itself through innovation and flexibility: craftsmanship blended with modern technology, design combined with ingenious systems. The history of the Braccialini Group goes back 50 years. Its eight collections include AmazonLife, a special eco-friendly product line. The rubber used in AmazonLife products is harvested by indigenous tribes in the Amazonian rainforest, providing an important source of income for the local population.

The Group is active in more than 70 countries around the world.