6 Result per share

6 Result per share
  2013 2012
Total shares issued at a par value of 1 CHF 2,783,115 pieces 2,783,115 pieces
Total participation certificates issued at a par value of 1 CHF 625,000 pieces 625,000 pieces
Less treasury shares (annual average) -11,270 pieces -12,156 pieces
Less treasury participation certificates (annual average) -3,104 pieces -4,107 pieces
Average number of shares in circulation 3,393,741 pieces 3,391,852 pieces
Share of Group profit attributable to Repower shareholders and participants -133,406 30,700
Earnings per share (undiluted) CHF -39.31 CHF 9.05
There are no factors resulting in a dilution of earnings per share.    
Dividends 6 816 *) 8,520
Dividend per share CHF 2.00 *) CHF 2.50

*) 2013 dividend subject to approval by the Annual General Meeting

A repayment from capital reserves of CHF 2.00 per share is proposed, which corresponds to a total amount of TCHF 6,816. This total amount will be reduced further since no repayment will be made on the treasury shares.