Progress in all key projects

In addition to the successful renaming of our Group to Repower, we continued to make headway in various strategic projects in 2010. With the purchase of a distribution company in Romania, we took another step in the development of this fourth key market. Our idea of giving small and medium-sized utilities the opportunity to generate their own energy through a project investment company met with considerable interest in the industry. Development of the “Lago Bianco” project (Switzerland) reached such an advanced stage that the residents of the municipalities concerned issued the concessions necessary to construct this 1,000 MW pumped storage power plant. The plan to build a 430 MW combined cycle power plant in Leverkusen (Germany) also met with a good response from the local community and the project is at an advanced stage. Initial positive feedback has been received from the authorities concerning the projects for new coal-fired power plants in Brunsbüttel (Germany) and Saline Joniche (Italy) - the approval procedures are ongoing for both projects. In the spring of 2011 the new Taschinas hydroelectric plant (Switzerland), with a capacity of 10 MW, will go into operation and a decision was reached in 2010 to proceed with the 26 MW Lucera wind farm (Italy) so that construction can begin in 2011. These projects show we are successfully pursuing our strategy and that we are on course with further diversification of our generation facilities in both geographical and technological terms.