Progress in thermal power plant project

The two coal-fired power plant projects that Repower is involved in completed several steps in the approval procedure in 2010. In Brunsbüttel (Germany), efforts concentrated on obtaining the initial restricted planning permission and the permit for water rights. The project in Saline Joniche (Italy) in still wrapped up in the approval phase but the first positive assessment was received from the Italian Ministry of the Environment in October. The approval procedures are ongoing for both projects. Once the projects have reached an advanced stage, they will be reevaluated together with the partners involved.

Repower has successfully operated the Teverola gas-fired combined-cycle power plant since 2006. The expertise gained here is also being incorporated into a project based in Germany: we are planning to build a highly efficient combined cycle power plant with an installed capacity of around 430 MW on the chemical park site in Leverkusen. In 2010, a letter of intent was signed for the project with the local partner. Great progress was made in project development and in the work on the necessary detailed contracts. This project has also met with great interest and acceptance: this assessment is based on the positive reactions received thus far at public informational events and the discussions with the authorities responsible. It is therefore our assumption that significant progress will be made in the approval procedure in 2011. Construction for this facility is projected to take just under three years.