22 Other current liabilities 31.12.2009 31.12.2010
  CHF thousands    
  Trade accounts payable 313,891 309,841
  Other liabilities 25,412 23,570
  Total 339,303 333,411
  Other current liabilities are carried in the following currencies:    
  Swiss francs 31,720 38,613
  Euros (translated) 307,583 262,653
  Other currencies (translated) - 32,145

All positions fall into the category “Other liabilities” and are recognised at amortised cost. They are due within one year. The carrying amounts are assumed to be fair values.

Disclosure of netting error

In the course of the clarifications to correct the error relating to the energy profiles (Note 1), it was found that the conditions for the offsetting of trade account receivables and liabilities (Note 13) have been fulfilled. As these conditions were already fulfilled last year, the error was corrected in last year's figures.

The offset receivables and liabilities totalled CHF 233 million (previous year: CHF 141 million).