Major challenge posed by exchange rates

Seen against market developments in 2010, our operating result (EBIT) of CHF 163 million can be viewed as very good. The result was 19 % above the prior-year figure, exceeding the expectations. Pre-tax profit fell by 5 % year-on-year to CHF 106 million and profit declined by 28 %, whereby the previous year's result was positively influenced by tax effects of more than CHF 20 million. This is also a considerable improvement over the mid-year trend that saw a drop in profit of 68 %. The main reason for the decline in pre-tax profit is the extremely difficult exchange rate situation, dominated above all by the strong Swiss franc. Already in the middle of the year, the euro lost around 10 % of its value against the Swiss franc. It weakened by a further 4 % or so in the second half of the year. For Repower, which transacts over 80 % of its business in euros, these developments in exchange rates represent a major challenge that is likely to continue in 2011.