1 Total operating revenue 2009 2010
  CHF thousands    
  Revenue from energy sales 1,886,299 2,162,400
  Profit from held – for – trading positions1) 17,738 45,255
  Total net revenue 1,904,037 2,207,655
  Own costs capitalised 12,755 14,787
  Income from the sale of associates and Group companies 69 2,520
  Gain from the sale of property, plant and equipment 331 17,184
  Revenue from other operating activities2) 42,126 25,146
  Other operating income 42,526 44,850
  Total 1,959,318 2,267,292
  1) Income from held – for – trading positions 2,728,673 3,370,307
  Expenses for held – for – trading positions -2,710,935 -3,325,052
  Profit from held – for – trading positions 17,738 45,255

2) Primarily income from services rendered not stemming from core business.

During the first six months of 2010, both the size and the number of staff involved in energy profile business increased. One part of the profile business was initially classified as own use instead of held-for-trading. This resulted in an error as at 30 June 2010, leading to the reporting of net sales being CHF 226 million higher than it should have been and to the reporting of energy procurement being CHF 222 million higher than it should have been. Adjusting the unrealised income would have lowered the pre-tax income by CHF 4 million to CHF 18 million as at 30 June 2010 (instead of CHF 22 million). The impact on earnings per share would have been CHF -1.06 and accordingly would have been CHF 4.18 (instead of CHF 5.24).

The result would have been an overstatement of CHF 16 million in positive replacement values for held-for-trading positions in the balance sheet as at 30 June 2010. The negative replacement values for held-for-trading positions, on the other hand, would have been overstated by CHF 20 million.