Repower in Poschiavo

The cornerstone for Repower's history was laid more than 100 years ago in Valposchiavo: the journey into the world of energy began amidst the mountains in southern Switzerland, which are brimming with energy.

A journey through the world of Repower

Build trust, take personal initiative, produce effect: these are the basic values that Repower identifies with. In the spirit of these values, the photographs featuring in the 2010 Annual Report provide an insight into everyday life at Repower.

Our aim is to break new ground and portray energy in an unconventional light in the 2010 Annual Report. Repower has operations in many countries in Europe, thus bridging cultures, languages and different social realities. Our employees would like to take you on a personal tour of our working world on the following pages. Experience the places where we work and Repower's infrastructure as we travel through Europe by bike. It was certainly not without reason that our staff was willing to pedal under its own power: people who ride bikes exude energy, they use local landmarks to orient themselves, cover a lot of ground quickly but still with enough time to interact closely with their surroundings. This is exactly what our corporate group wants to achieve in all markets: “All the energy you need.”