5 Financial expenses 2009 2010
  CHF thousands    
  Expenses for current financial assets 5,019 3,998
  Interest paid on non – current liabilities 18,295 26,858
  Expenses for current liabilities 1,556 1,667
  Exchange rate losses - 29,876
  Total 24,870 62,399

Exchange rate gains and losses are recognised net. There was an exchange rate loss in the year under review, which is recognised as a financial expense in the income statement. An exchange rate gain was recognised the previous year.

Financial expenses apply to the following positions and measurement categories

Balance sheet position Detailed position IAS 39 measurement category 2009 2010
Securities and other financial instruments Other securities and financial instruments Held for trading 1,764 2,692
Receivables Trade accounts receivables Loans and receivables - 209
Cash and cash equivalents Sight funds and cash invested for less than 90 days Loans and receivables 3,255 1,097
Non – current financial liabilities Loans and other financial liabilities Other financial liabilities 17,935 26,495
Other current liabilities Trade accounts payable Other financial liabilities 1,556 1,667
Non – current provisions Provisions for contract risks, reversions and other provisions n/a 360 363
Exchange rate losses     - 29,876
Total     24,870 62,399

Interest expense for recognised financial liabilities which were not measured at fair value amounts to TCHF 26,495 (previous year: TCHF 17,935). Bank fees and commissions for recognised financial assets and liabilities which were not measured at fair value amount to TCHF 196 (previous year: TCHF 103).