Repower in Teverola

A moment of relaxation in the industrial region around Naples: the Repower team comes across a group of men near Teverola who are busy playing their favourite game, Boccia.

Pumped storage power plant in Italy

Repower is also pursuing projects to further develop capacities for electricity generation from hydropower outside Switzerland. One of these projects is in Italy. We are working on a pumped storage power plant with an installed capacity of 540 MW in Campolattaro (Benevento province). Similar to the “Lago Bianco” project, one goal is to provide storage capacity to optimise the use of wind power and photovoltaics and the other is to provide balancing energy to ensure reliable operation of the transmission grid in southern Italy. Campolattaro is the ideal place for this in light of the limited grid capacities. The project, which was launched in 2008, can make use of an existing lower-level reservoir and has met with a favourable response so far. Discussions have been conducted with the local and regional authorities and an agreement with the province is on hand. In light of the positive assessment given by the authorities, we expect to obtain the concession and approval in 2012. Repower intends to complete the project together with other partners.