Repower in Milan

After riding through the centre of Milan, the cyclists attract attention with their Repower outfits in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

More wind power than in all of Switzerland

2010 was an important year for Repower in terms of further expanding our own wind power portfolio. On the one hand, we increased our stake in the Corleto Perticara wind farm to 100 % and, on the other, we acquired three wind farms in Giunchetto (Italy, Repower interest 39 %), Prettin (Germany) and Lübbenau (Germany). These were important steps in pursuing our strategy of further expanding our capacity for electricity generation from wind power. Following intensive project work, we will also begin construction of a wind farm in Lucera (Italy) in 2011 with an installed capacity of another 26 MW. Repower currently has an installed capacity of 47 MW in wind farms. These farms generate around 90 GWh annually, which is more than the current wind power generated in the whole of Switzerland.