People and their five senses

Eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hands: the sense organs are what connects our brain to the world outside. They pick up stimuli from the external environment or from within our body and convey them via the sensory nerves to the relevant centres in the brain. There the information is analysed and interpreted. Then the motor nerves transmit nerve impulses back to the muscles. In other words, the sense organs are the starting point and foundation for human beings’ entire interaction with their environment

Repower and the five senses

Eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hands: the illustrations in this year's annual report place people and their five senses in the foreground. Whether they're delivering a project, talking to customers or maintaining our power plants and grids, the people who work for Repower use all their senses to achieve satisfying results. They check out the lie of the land, watch the market, listen to what customers want, then tackle the challenge. They're attentive and open to different views and ways of seeing things. At Repower, every new idea starts with the five senses – they're what make good results possible in the first place.

360° View of the world

Repower operates along the entire value chain, from power generation and trading to sales and distribution. This business model is reflected in the images we use, with panoramic views illustrating the way we take a broad view and are open to all the angles. The person on the cover of our annual report, for example, revolves around his own axis to see the world from different perspectives. The way he's standing is also reminiscent of Leonardo da Vinci's studies of anatomy and the proportions of a human body.

Ears open to our customers

Repower listens very carefully to the needs and concerns of its customers and other stakeholders. In our Call Centre in Milan, for example, where our staff answer customers’ enquiries.

Listening to our employees

If you want to speak someone’s language, you have to be a good listener. No matter what country they’re in or what language they speak, our employees share information and opinions.

An eye for the topography

When planning power stations, you need to see how the land lies. That’s how Repower could see that the area between Lago Bianco and Lago di Poschiavo was the right place to build a pumped storage power plant.

Keeping an eye on the landscape and environment

Even while projects are at the development and realisation stages, Repower doesn’t lose sight of their effect on the landscape and the environment. The project team on site, getting impressions of the area around Lago Bianco.

A nose for good business

For Repower’s trading experts, having a “good nose” is all about making use of the knowledge of the market gained from analysis and experience in order to do a winning deal at just the right time.

Recognising needs

Our sales staff need to have a feel for what customers need now or will need in future, and they get that by closely monitoring the market. They devise offerings that benefit both parties.

Sensitive intuition

If you want to get to the top, you need not just determination, but also a sure touch. That means our technical staff sometimes need a firm grip, but also sensitive fingers at other times.

Tangible results

Painstaking work produces satisfying results: reliably functioning electricity supply, for example. That means the people who live in this mountain lodge don't have to grope around in the dark.

Savouring specialities

Every country in which Repower operates has its own culture and its own taste. We savour the things that make countries special – like this bread, fresh from the oven in a German bakery – and the way we work reflects that.

Delicious bread, powered by us

Outside, day is dawning, while here in the bakery, everyone's already busy. The electricity for the lighting and the oven comes from Repower.