2011 Highlights in Switzerland

Highlights: Switzerland

  • After almost three years of construction, the 11 MW Taschinas hydropower plant is connected to the grid, expanding electricity generation in Prättigau.
  • Repower works with partners to jointly develop Repartner Produktions AG. There is considerable interest in this generation investment company, with many energy utilities participating and thereby ensuring themselves the future supply of electricity.
  • Extensive renovation work is performed at the dam for the Palü equalising reservoir and the Palü-Cavaglia pressure tunnel. Thanks to this maintenance, the plant will remain operational and equipped for many further years of service.
  • Repower wants to offer grid operations and other services to further electricity companies. Efforts in this area are further refined in 2011.
  • In spring, our mobile “energy containers” went on show in Poschiavo and Pontresina, enabling school classes and other interested parties to learn about topics from the world of energy in an easy-to-understand manner.