31 Segment reporting - Group-wide information

Information by product

The main revenue driver is energy. There is no differentiation by product group.

Information by country

The information on income from third parties by country is broken down by the location of the billing entity. Non-current assets are assigned to the location of the accounting entity and contain no financial instruments or deferred tax assets (there are no assets related to pension obligations or to rights arising from insurance policies).

Net revenue from third parties

CHF thousands 2010 2011
Switzerland 760,617 703,414
Italy 1,378,760 1,589,852
Other countries 68,278 173,825
Total 2,207,655 2,467,091

Customers with a share of revenue above 10 per cent

There are three customers each accounting for more than 10 per cent of revenue. Of the MCHF 2,467 (previous year: MCHF 2,208), revenue from these Group customers over the financial year accounts for MCHF 1,072 (previous year: MCHF 1,084).

Non-current assets

CHF thousands 2010 2011
Switzerland 816,218 768,827
Italy 328,696 320,648
Other countries 94,548 54,437
Total 1,239,462 1,143,912