Other segments and activities

Creating a supportive marketplace

All eyes are on energy policy, both in Switzerland and internationally. But if over-regulation is not to put hydropower in the shade, the political debate on the future of energy cannot afford to ignore market mechanisms.

Group functions

Group functions (Legal & Risk, Human Resources, Communications, Finance, IT and Services) provide centralised services to the entire organisation and ensure that processes run smoothly. They advise and support the various departments with legal questions, issues related to risk management, human resources and communication, assure efficient controlling, treasury and accounting processes, provide the organisation with a stable IT infrastructure, and take care of insurance, real estate and procurement.

In 2014 the Group functions continued to make major efforts to cut costs as part of the efficiency programme. There was a further reduction of CHF 17 million in operating expenses.

In Switzerland Repower rationalised its sites, shifting jobs from Klosters to Küblis and Landquart, and closing the Klosters office. Use of the company's property in Ilanz (an administrative building and works yard) was also optimised. These measures helped streamline business processes and enable more efficient harnessing of synergies. They were all logistical changes that did not involve job cuts.

Efforts to boost efficiency currently under way include the sale of non-operational properties belonging to Repower.