• Repower generated total operating revenue of CHF 2,273 million in 2014 (down 4% on the previous year).
  • Operating income (EBIT) of CHF 26 million and a net loss of CHF 33 million reflect an extremely challenging market environment.
  • EBIT was impacted by provisions for long-term agreements, translation differences from the disposal of non-Swiss subsidiaries, the new pension fund arrangement and various other smaller exceptional items. EBIT before these exceptional items came to CHF 39 million (down 47% versus adjusted EBIT in 2013).
  • The company moved further forward with the development of innovative new tech solutions as a complement to its core business.
  • The highlights in Repower's key markets in 2014 were various contract wins for Generation, Grid and Trading in Switzerland, the gratifying development of the company's gas business in Italy, and successful efforts to market renewable electricity for small producers in Romania.