Market Switzerland

Record hydro production

With 747 GWh of power from 17 hydro plants in Graubünden, Repower's record in Switzerland in 2014 was impressive. But the picture is much less rosy when you consider the low energy prices that have undermined the profitability of hydropower.

Sales & Marketing

During the year under review Repower strengthened and restructured its sales organisation in Switzerland. Operating out of Zurich, the Sales team's job is to acquire new energy utilities for Repower's trading, generation and grid services. It does this in tandem with the established green power business for large customers and energy suppliers in Switzerland and Germany, previously handled by the Renewables Trading team.

In Southeast Switzerland, Repower supplies around 50,000 private and commercial customers with five power products: Aquapower, Purepower, Solarpower, Mixpower and Privapower. The standard product, Aquapower, consists of 100 per cent Swiss hydropower. Purepower is pure green power from Canton Graubünden; Solarpower is 100 per cent solar energy produced in Graubünden; and Mixpower is a low-cost residual mix from European sources. The most recent addition to the Repower offering, Privapower, is an innovative own-use tariff that is now being made available to all customers, not just the primary audience of customers with their own photovoltaic installation (see also the section on grids).

At the end of 2014 Repower announced a partnership with a customer in the liberalised large customer segment, hotelleriesuisse Pontresina. Twelve hotels in Pontresina have joined forces to create a customer pool that has signed an electricity supply agreement with Repower for 2015 and 2016. These hotels together use around the same amount of electricity per year as 1,000 average households. This agreement should be seen in conjunction with the partnership between the industry association hotelleriesuisse Graubünden and Repower, underscoring the shared commitment of creating efficient energy solutions going forward.

The political debate on full electricity market liberalisation in Switzerland is well under way. According to the current schedule, from 2018 all ultimate consumers in Switzerland should have the option of choosing their power provider on the free market. Repower welcomes these moves towards liberalisation.