Market Switzerland

Record hydro production

With 747 GWh of power from 17 hydro plants in Graubünden, Repower's record in Switzerland in 2014 was impressive. But the picture is much less rosy when you consider the low energy prices that have undermined the profitability of hydropower.

The most important milestones in Repower's Swiss home market in 2014 were record production from the company's own hydropower assets and the acquisition of various outside contracts.

Repower operates along the entire electricity value chain in Switzerland, and is firmly established in the various regions of Canton Graubünden. The company generates electricity at its own hydropower plants, operates an international trading business out of Poschiavo, owns and maintains distribution lines, sells electricity to end-consumers, and in New Tech develops innovative solutions for customers and partners.

Contribution to EBIT

The Market Switzerland segment's contribution to EBIT came to CHF 41 million (down 19%) before exceptional items. The year under review was dominated by a renewed decline in prices, which meant that margins at the company's own generation facilities were slightly lower despite an increase in output. Trading's contribution to EBIT remained substantial, albeit somewhat lower than the previous year. Cost savings enabled Sales to increase its share of EBIT somewhat by comparison with 2013.