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Record hydro production

With 747 GWh of power from 17 hydro plants in Graubünden, Repower's record in Switzerland in 2014 was impressive. But the picture is much less rosy when you consider the low energy prices that have undermined the profitability of hydropower.


In 2014, Repower's 17 hydropower plants in Canton Graubünden once again posted record production figures, generating a total of 747 gigawatt hours, eight per cent more than in an already excellent 2013. This pleasing result is due on the one hand to the weather – there was abundant precipitation during the year – but also to the good condition of the generation plants and the high quality of the regular maintenance they receive. Added to this, the Taschinas 1 plant generated almost 40 gigawatt hours of electricity that could be processed via the renewable energy balance group on the basis of the feed-in remuneration at cost (KEV) scheme.

At the same time it should be noted that hydropower, despite being an important source of domestically produced renewable energy, can currently no longer be sold at a price sufficient to cover costs because the market is so heavily distorted by massive intervention. As the debate on the Swiss Federal Council's Energy Strategy 2050 goes on, politicians will need to define measures to safeguard the backbone of Swiss energy supply from irreparable damage.

In 2014 Repower continued to invest in maintaining its existing generation assets. Total capital expenditure came to CHF 6 million, CHF 4 million of which went to the refurbishment of No. 1 turbine set-up at Campocologno I in the Poschiavo region of Graubünden.

Repower managed to win various outside contracts for planning services and implementation. The company will be planning the replacement of the 220-kV Avegno substation in Canton Ticino on behalf of national grid operator Swissgrid, and has been commissioned by Engadiner Kraftwerke to procure, engineer and commission secondary systems as part of the refurbishment of the switching stations in Pradella near Scuol. Last but not least, in the course of last year Repower continued with preparations for a further contract awarded by Swissgrid at the end of 2013 to maintain eleven substations in southern and central Graubünden between 2015 and 2019.