• In the first half of 2016, Repower Group generated total operating revenues of CHF 881 million (down 4% on the first half of 2015).
  • The group posted a net profit of CHF 18 million after exceptional items. Operating income (EBIT) was CHF 45 million, higher than in the prior-year period.
  • Positive factors were impairment gains on tangible assets (the Teverola combined-cycle gas turbine plant and Taschinas hydropower plant) totalling CHF 17 million, and the release of provisions for long-term agreements amounting to CHF 5 million. Impairment on receivables in the Italian sales business eroded the results by CHF 3 million
  • In the first six months of 2016 Repower acquired two new main shareholders, EKZ and UBS-CEIS, in conjunction with an increase in capital completed in July. Since 21 June 2016 Dr Pierin Vincenz has served as the new chairman of the company's Board of Directors.
  • With the launch of Plug'n Roll, Repower has brought a comprehensive package of electric vehicle services to Switzerland as well, and aims to support the growth of sustainable transportation by setting up an extensive network of charging stations.