The transport of the future − the future of transport

On our journey into a sustainable future there’s no way around electric vehicles (EV). Convinced of the huge potential of this new form of transport, Repower has developed innovative offerings around EVs. The images in this semi-annual report give an insight into sustainable transport, from smart charging stations to electric rickshaws and boats. Join us on our journey! BITTA is PALINA’s little “sister” – a charging station that can easily be installed at a wall or on a pole.

Smart charging:

BITTA, alongside PALINA, is one of two intelligent charging points for electric vehicles. Intelligent means that they’re interconnected and communicate with each other via smart technology. And there’s a platform showing what stations are free in real time.


Repower supports a charity called “Radeln ohne Alter” (biking for all ages) providing electric rickshaws for elderly people. The photo shows two residents of the Flury Stiftung Schiers old people’s home enjoying being chauffeured by the charity’s president, Anina Flury.

Full speed ahead:

Repower put its first electric boat into operation on Lago di Garda. Named Reboat, the vessel runs 100 per cent on electricity, and can be booked by tourists wanting a trip on the lake without engine noise.