Other segments and activities

Group functions

In the first half of 2016 Repower continued with efforts to reduce the costs and improve the efficiency of group functions to assure centralised services and streamlined processes for the entire organisation. Over the same period Repower also made a number of unbudgeted sales of property. The proceeds generated extraordinary income of around CHF 10 million. This included the sale of the administrative building in Ilanz, various properties in the Valposchiavo and a residential property in Klosters.


In December 2015 Repower announced the intention of selling its business in Romania as one of several disposals in conjunction with the new strategic realignment. After intensive negotiations with various potential buyers in the first half of 2016, on 25 July 2016 Repower was able to announce the outcome: the MET Group, an international energy company based in Zug, will be taking over Repower Romania, including its staff.

EBIT contribution

The contribution of other segments and activities to group operating income (EBIT) came to CHF 5 million (vs CHF -5 million in the first half of 2015).