3) Changes in consolidations

Business disposals

The complete disposal of the shares in connecta ag on 30 June 2016 had the following effect on the assets and liabilities of the Repower Group at 30 June 2016:

Book value of net assets over which control was lost  
Non-current assets 4,325
Property, plant and equipment 4,210
Intangible assets 115
Current assets 898
Inventories 32
Receivables 2
Cash and equivalents 864
Non-current liabilities -704
Pension provisions -692
Deffered tax liabilities -12
Current liabilities -1,162
Current income tax liabilities -139
Other current liabilities -912
Deffered income and accrued expenses -111
Net assets derecognised 3,357
Consideration received  
Cash consideration received 5,000
Total consideration 5,000
Result on disposal  
Total consideration 5,000
Net assets derecognised -3,357
Result on disposal 1,643
Net cash inflow/outflow arising on disposal  
Cash consideration received 5,000
Cash and cash equivalents disposed of -864
Net cash inflow/outflow arising on disposal 4,136

The pre-tax gain on the disposal of the group company is recognised under other operating income in the Market Switzerland segment.