Overview of the year

What Repower made happen in 2021


PLUG’N ROLL still rockin’

PLUG’N ROLL still rockin’ Big customers choose Repower’s
e-mobility provider as the basis of their electric vehicle strategy


100,000 km with an electric lorry

An environmentally-friendly battery-driven truck transports mail from Zurich to the Engadine


“The Power of Love”

“I’ve got Repower” was already a real ear-worm. Since summer 2021 a new commercial has been causing a stir in Italy


Great Place to Work

Our apprentices graduate with top marks. And Repower earns another award too


Via Energia: the most beautiful path to a better understanding of energy

Repower’s new learning trail runs from Ospizio Bernina down to the Cavaglia plateau


Repower Renewable builds on new technologies

Yet another improvement in performance and efficiency: PV installations in Italy for the first time use bifacial solar modules


Solar energy for the “bad” boys

Repower equips Rüfeli wrestling hall in Untervaz with a PV installation and charging points


A story in 4,000 images

Repower digitises its historic photo archive Images go back to the founding years of the energy industry


New forces at work at Repower

Petra Dörig takes over as Head of Human Resources and Leonie Dörig becomes new Head of Legal & Compliance


Repower promotes cooperation between Switzerland and Italy

As chairman of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Italy, Fabio Bocchiola hosts business dialogue


Repower at the Venice International Film Festival

Repower presents its portfolio of sustainable mobility tools at the Biennale di Venezia


We celebrate 100 years of Küblis power plant

Repower celebrates the 100th anniversary with an open day and guests from the worlds of politics and business


Curtains up for a big show

Curtains up for a big show From October to December the X Factor casting show was hosted by the Teatro Repower in Milan. Repower Italy’s biggest charging hub was also unveiled there


Modernisation of Robbia power plant on schedule

Project head Tiziano Crameri takes stock of the company’s biggest-ever renovation project


To Rimini by Lambro

The LAMBRO family of cargo bikes was among the most striking protagonists at Italy’s most important tourism industry fair


DINAclub drives electric bike tourism in Italy forward

Promising project to electrify bike paths in Italy.


E-LOUNGE makes it to the EXPO

After the G20 summit the
E-LOUNGE flies on to Dubai


Carpooling service wins Premio Speciale Repower

Start-up Jojob Real Time Carpooling wins the fourth edition of Repower’s innovation award


Reinforcement for the executive board

Repower board of directors elects Michael Roth and Dario Castagnoli to the executive board


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