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“Rumors d’ambiente − Repower for the ears”

Repower launches its first podcast and shows ways of achieving sustainability

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Repower Italy hands the microphone to people whose work has made the world a more sustainable place.

This is a podcast about sustainability in the broadest sense – in other words how Repower has always understood it. It revolves around important figures from the past and present; people whose way of life and work have made the world a more sustainable place.

Repower Italy is expanding the scope of its media activities by adopting a powerful current trend: more and more companies are creating their own content to become an independent and credible source of interesting background and ideas for the marketplace.

So we couldn’t afford to ignore the podcast phenomenon, a new form of communication that’s becoming increasingly popular and prevalent in Italy. Repower decide to test this channel to communicate about a concept especially dear to its heart: sustainability. The message conveyed in each episode is that sustainability isn’t limited to one particular area. Neither is it simply a package of technical measures to decarbonise industry. First and foremost it’s an attitude that involves rethinking the relationship between people, nature and development without any of these having to emerge as a loser. The “Rumors d’ambiente” podcast was designed to get this notion across.

Sustainability has many faces, and isn’t limited to any one field.

Hosted by journalist and radio personality Maurizio Melis

With the help of a professional team around journalist, radio host and co-author Maurizio Melis, we have managed to attract the attention of a very diverse audience that, however familiar with the topic, is able to glean new ideas and inspiration from each episode of the podcast. The episode format allows comprehensive treatment of the subject, doing justice to its breadth and complexity. The way the series is designed has also contributed to the success of the podcast, with short episodes on historical figures alternating with interviews with innovative people from our time. So the podcast doesn’t just show the importance of sustainability, but also looks at the culture underlying it. Current trends are set in relation to role models from the past.

“Rumors d’ambiente” was released in October 2020 and is available on all the major podcast platforms and in the relevant section on the Repower home page.

Podcast on the Repower website

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