2 Other operating income and expenses

CHF thousand









Other operating income



Other operating expenses



Other operating income contains in particular revenues from services and other usual business activities, as well as gains on disposals of assets.

On 1 January 2020 Repower AG disposed of the Prättigau power generation assets, with a carrying value of CHF 42,008 thousand, for a consideration of CHF 91,184 thousand. The gain on the disposal of the assets comes to CHF 49,176 thousand. CHF 42,008 thousand of the consideration was rendered by Repartner Produktions AG by means of a partial netting of the loan liability vis-à-vis this owned company (see Note 17). Another CHF 49,176 thousand was rendered by the minority shareholders of Repartner Produktions AG by means of a partial assignment of their loan to Repartner Produktions AG to Repower AG. Immediately after this transaction, Repower AG and Repartner Produktions AG netted mutual loan receivables and liabilities amounting to CHF 42,729 thousand (see Note 12 and Note 17). The transaction did not entail any cash flows, and the entire prepayment of CHF 133,913 thousand was reversed.

Other operating expenses include in particular IT, marketing, legal, advisory and additional administration expenses.


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