Repower Academy: training and career development

Acquiring new knowledge

Participants at a further training module listen attentively as the instructor explains how the human brain works.

Repower Academy: A versatile further training and career development programme

At Repower, encouraging and promoting employees is accorded high value. The company invests not only in vocational training for apprentices, but since 2011 has also been offering a comprehensive range of in-house development courses for employees and management. During the courses, employees not only work on honing their skills, but also network with colleagues from across the company, thereby reaffirming our corporate values.

The internal further training and career development programme is based on the belief that employees need to have additional skills if they are to perform their tasks successfully – regardless of their area of expertise. With this in mind, job profiles have been divided into various job families, each with several levels. Each level is assigned a specific set of core competences. These are not skills specific to a particular area of expertise but rather key competences such as understanding the organisation, management, communication, business acumen, team spirit and language skills. At annual performance appraisal discussions, the employee's actual profile is compared against the required skills profile and their further training and career development programme individually defined.

Employees not only enhance their skills during the course of these further training modules, but also have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences beyond divisional and national boundaries. This is not only essential for their understanding of the company they work for; more importantly, it often allows them to find a solution to the problems they encounter in their day-to-day work. Work colleagues give each other valuable tips, identify weak spots and come up with ideas of how to improve business processes.

Identifying and fostering talent

Various career development elements have been launched alongside the further training programme, with employees now able to take advantage of career planning talks, while their line managers receive support in the form of coaching on management tasks. Employees who show great promise and exceptional commitment can apply to join the "Special Development Group". As a member of this group, they are systematically fostered and promoted and are given the opportunity to expand their network of contacts. For two years they work closely with the Executive Board on selected projects.

Positive experience in the first year

The Academy courses are attracting keen interest: in the space of only one year, around one third of employees have already attended one or more courses. Feedback from participants is highly positive: employees benefit not only from the content of the courses, but also from the chance to exchange experiences with colleagues. In addition to attending courses, they also have the possibility of learning some content by self-study. E-learning modules are available on the intranet for this purpose. This platform is now to be used by other departments for special training or information purposes.

The Switzerland country organisation offers a somewhat different form of internal knowledge transfer at events entitled "Lunch and Learn".

Every two months during the lunch break, an employee gives a presentation on an issue of topical relevance to his or her division and answers colleagues' questions. Participants can continue their work-related discussions and personal conversations over lunch following the presentation.

Repower Academy looks to the future

The further training programme is being adapted and extended as and when necessary based on the experience acquired. New courses are being offered aimed at specific experts, such as construction site managers or employees who deal with customers. Individuals with major management or technical potential can also benefit from an internal mentoring scheme.

Repower's Academy offerings send out a strong signal for the promotion and development of its employees. The aim is to ensure that the company can continue to count on highly motivated and skilled staff.