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Interest in start-up for electricity storage


Repower acquires a stake in Green Energy Storage S.r.l. The innovative start-up from Italy specialises in hydrogen batteries.

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The founders of Green Energy Storage S.r.l. around their CEO Matteo Mazzotta (front, centre).

The extremely innovative approach taken by Green Energy Storage is a revolutionary hydrogen-based storage technology that will give rise to a new generation of batteries. Thanks to a combination of research and development, engineering science and product design, it aims to surpass the state of the art of existing storage systems.

Because the chemicals are based on abundant, easily managed and accessible materials with low environmental impact, the new storage system also ensures sustainability throughout the value chain. Not only that, but the company’s storage systems are also developed according to the principles of circular economy and recyclability to facilitate the disposal and recycling of the materials. These types of liquid batteries have a life cycle three times longer than conventional batteries.

“Openness to sustainable innovation is in Repower’s DNA.”

The stake in the Italian start-up Green Energy Storage is of great importance to Repower in terms of its strategic positioning in the storage business, which is becoming an increasingly crucial factor in implementing and accelerating the energy transition.

“Openness to sustainable innovation is in Repower’s DNA, and the stake in Green Energy Storage is the perfect match,” explains Pietro Giuggioli, Head of Business Development.[Deutsch korrigieren: erkläutert->erläutert] “It’s an extremely promising technology that’s suitable for numerous applications in the current market scenario, where the electricity grid and consumers require more and more balancing and storage capacity.”

Pietro Giuggioli

Head of Business Development, Repower Italy


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