Energy efficiency and digitalisation: an interplay of money and the environment

Saving energy saves money and the environment. The focus is shifting to renewables. But protecting the climate is more than just moving over to a renewable supply of energy; people’s awareness is also an important factor. The Swiss government is leading the way with its Energy Strategy 2050, followed by people and their desire to take control of their own energy needs. They’re accompanied by Repower, which is developing the right products and increasingly tapping the power of digitalisation.

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VAMPA: for a healthy business

What is VAMPA?

VAMPA is an energy check-up for businesses done on the basis of thermal imaging that reveals differences in temperature in electrical equipment that could be the result of faults and anomalies.

  • Thermographic inspection of electrical systems
  • Check to ensure new equipment is installed correctly
  • Maintenance by certified Repower technicians
  • Analysis of inspection and recommendations for work to be done
  • Increases workplace safety
  • Reduces costs of maintenance and repair
  • Ongoing support from experts
Who can benefit from VAMPA?

Companies with electrical systems

eFFettiva: for cost-efficient energy use

What is eFFettiva?

eFFettiva helps increase companies’ energy efficiency by doing an ad-hoc energy analysis to check energy consumption and identify concrete savings potential.

  • On-site check of equipment and production processes by Repower experts
  • Real-time evaluation
  • Analysis of data gathered over a specific period
  • Summary of findings with comments and tips from a Repower expert
  • Precision measurement equipment for very accurate results
  • Raises awareness in terms of adapting consumption patterns
  • Concrete savings potential
  • Ongoing support from experts
Who can benefit from eFFettiva?

Companies with electrical systems

DIODA: for environmentally-friendly LED technology

What is DIODA?

DIODA is highly efficient technology replacing conventional lighting with energy-saving LED solutions. DIODA enhances the working environment and guarantees firm savings at no additional expense.

  • On-site analysis by Repower experts
  • Recommendation for the appropriate LED solution
  • If desired, dismantling existing lighting and installing the new LED system
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Reduces costs of maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
Who can benefit from DIODA?

Companies with production halls, warehouses and large rooms and offices

FOCUS: for a more efficient business

What is FOCUS?

FOCUS is a full, personalised energy diagnosis tailored to customers’ needs. It shows when a company is using energy and for what.

  • Checks of bills and production processes
  • Checks of equipment and consumption habits using the most energy
  • On-site inspection by Repower experts specialised in this field
  • Analysis and recommendation for improving efficiency
  • Practical tips on boosting efficiency
  • Potential savings
  • Ongoing support from experts
Who can benefit from FOCUS?

Small and medium-sized manufacturing companies with high energy consumption

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SUN@HOME: for investments in a renewable future

What is SUN@HOME?

SUN@HOME is a solution for using and storing energy from the sun that also enables customers to optimise their own energy consumption. SUN@HOME involves planning and installing turnkey solar installations with an intelligent control system.

  • Repower experts advise on, plan, install and operate system
  • Repower obtains necessary authorisations for subsidies and certifications
  • If desired, storage of solar energy not consumed
  • App provides data in real time
  • Free and easy package: Repower experts look after everything
  • Potential for up to 70% own use
  • Concrete savings potential
Who can benefit from SUN@HOME?

Anyone, from owners of a traditional family home to operators of commercial facilities. The service is currently limited to Graubünden and adjacent areas.

SMARTPOWER: for future-proof energy management


SMARTPOWER is an intelligent total package consisting of an output tariff, energy consumption visualisation and a control system. Capable of more than conventional smart metering systems, SMARTPOWER creates the right incentives for people to optimise their consumption habits.

  • Innovative tariff based on the electrical output used
  • Visualisation of consumption patterns via app
  • Measurement data read directly from meters
  • Also covers PV installations, heat pumps, batteries and electric vehicle charging sessions
  • Fair tariff model for end-consumers
  • Enhances interaction with end-consumers, boosting loyalty and retention
  • Optimises peaks in output
  • Meets Energy Strategy 2050 requirements
Who can benefit from SMARTPOWER?

Energy utilities

EASYASSET: for efficient management of assets


EASYASSET bundles all the important technical, financial and accounting data related to assets on a centralised, structured basis, making asset management considerably easier by capturing data in digital form.

  • Viewing and changing asset-related data
  • Running asset condition assessments
  • Performing inspections and maintenance
  • Job management
  • Makes day-to-day work substantially easier
  • Digitalisation saves a lot of paper
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Online and offline access
  • Equipment and operating system-neutral
Who can benefit from SMARTPOWER?

Energy utilities and companies with assets and facilities that have to be monitored continuously and maintained regularly.

ENERGYSPACE: for an easy-to-manage energy portfolio


ENERGYSPACE is a web-based platform that enables energy utilities to clearly visualise and manage their energy portfolios. It supports portfolio managers in their day-to-day work and helps utilities achieve their procurement objectives.

  • Portfolio management
  • Risk assessment - Market access
  • Managing and simulating transactions and hedging strategies
  • Intelligent balance group management
  • Bundles market and customer information
  • Models and evaluates energy portfolio
  • Monitors risk exposure
  • Manages energy portfolio
Who can benefit from ENERGYSPACE?

Energy utilities and commercial and industrial customers