11 Depreciation and value adjustments of tangible assets




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Depreciation and value adjustments of tangible assets



Depreciation of tangible assets



Reversal of impairments of tangible assets



Reversals of impairments of generations assets are explained by segment:

Market Switzerland segment

In 2016 THCF 2,834 in reversals of impairments of intangible assets was recognised for the Taschinas plant. This is due to a fall in the cost of capital (WACC) prompted by the interest rate environment and a reduction in maintenance and operating expenditure in line with the market situation.

Market Italy segment

A reversal of TCHF 12,672 in the 2016 financial year relates to the Teverola combined-cycle gas turbine plant. The reversal for the plant was prompted by a substantial improvement in revenues from ancillary services. The generation asset is valued on the basis of its value in use calculated on a discounted cash flow basis.