Annual report

Other activities

No escaping digitalisation

Digitalisation is also sweeping the energy industry. Repower is using this opportunity, looking to the future in a spirit of innovation. A number of the products it launched in 2017 are based on the idea of using digital solutions to help simplify and efficiently execute as many processes as possible. The ongoing development of SMARTPOWER and the launch of EASYASSET and ENERGYSPACE marked major steps towards digitalisation in 2017. The response from energy utilities and infrastructure operators has been good, showing that Repower is on the right track. The company will continue to drive these developments forward to be able to go on meeting the needs of its customers in the future.

Repower’s constant in-house efforts also continue to create innovative solutions to make staff’s work easier and optimise processes. The use of the latest office software such as Microsoft Office 365, as well as collaboration tools and the associated training, also plays a part in efforts to optimise internal processes and costs. Digitised conference rooms enable people at Repower to collaborate seamlessly across sites, with one another and also with customers and suppliers. This reduces the time spent travelling and the associated costs and impact on the environment.


To enable customers’ wishes to be captured and responded to quickly, the company’s processes and quality management systems have to work properly overall. The Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) assessed these things at Repower and awarded the company ISO 9001:2015 confirming compliance with the normative principles of quality management. The assessment covered power generation, energy transmission and distribution, and the provision of services directly associated with this. More than the certificate itself, what counts for Repower is the awareness and attitude of every employee in the organisation.


In Graubünden Repower enjoys high popularity ratings, thanks in particular to the company’s strong local roots, the friendliness of its staff and its involvement as a sponsor in the life of the region. These were the findings of a survey by DemoSCOPE, one of Switzerland’s leading market research companies. Repower commissioned the survey to find out about brand awareness, its public image and customer satisfaction. Of the Repower customers polled, 83 per cent said that they were generally satisfied or very satisfied. Repower will endeavour to maintain and further improve this level of satisfaction.

Launch of a new website

When it launched its new website at the beginning of 2017, Repower placed particular emphasis on user-friendliness, clear presentation and navigation, and enabling interaction customers. It rounded off the complete overhaul of the website by integrating tools such as a cost calculator.

This innovative online presence has resulted in steady growth in traffic since its launch. In the first month after its launch on 1 March 2017 the website received 80,000 visitors. A year later this figure had risen to 87,200, with 11 per cent growth versus the prior year. On the day of the launch, 6,356 visitors were registered. The optimisation of the website for mobile devices has also yielded good results: in the year under review, 45 per cent of visitors used the site from their mobile device, compared with only 25 per cent during the same period the year before. In 2017 Repower notched up more than 1,300 contact enquiries in Switzerland alone.