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Locanda alla Mano celebrates ten-year anniversary


Locanda alla Mano is a social project founded in the centre of Milan in 2013 at Repower’s initiative and with its support. It’s a place where people with Down syndrome can work and develop professionally.

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Fabio Bocchiola, Managing Director of Repower Italia, congratulates Locanda alla Mano on its tenth anniversary.

In these ten years, the Locanda has employed more than 60 young people. A working environment has been created where the potential and abilities of young people with disabilities can be fully harnessed. Quite a few have succeeded in developing their skills to such an extent that they have found paid work in the private sector.

“What made the initiative special right from the start was the fact that it got the support of Repower employees. They volunteered and contributed their knowledge, experience and time to make the project a success,” recalls Maria Rosaria Traisci, Head of Regulatory Affairs and Sales Network Performance.

Over the years, the Locanda’s mission has gradually and naturally evolved from simply providing jobs for people with disabilities. The values that have gradually enriched the Locanda are:

Hospitality: The social project management approach isn’t just geared to professional development; it has also led to collaboration with numerous associations and cultural organisations, always in pursuit of social objectives of various kinds.

Events: Right from the outset, Contè, the B Corp behind the Locanda, has organised concerts and events. They have all been free of charge and have had a dual purpose: to liven up the space in a pleasant way and at the same time tell the story of the project.

Aesthetics: The surrounding area, Parco Sempione, requires high standards of architectural and landscape integration. The Locanda has endeavoured to respect and enhance these surroundings, starting with the initial design and also during the construction phase, in terms of the concept, the general design and the choice of materials. Maintaining the structure to an appropriate standard is a constant commitment, as taking care of the aesthetics is a crucial and functional factor in clearly communicating the cooperative’s messages.

Maria Rosaria Traisci

Head of Regulatory Affairs and Sales Network Performance