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Robbia back to generating electricity


The total modernisation of Robbia power plant reaches an important milestone. One-and-a-half years after shutdown, the first of three turbine set-ups is successfully synchronised with the power grid.

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Hard effort, teamwork, precision engineering and dedication: the work involved in last year’s complete renovation is summarised in a video.

“This is an important and emotional moment for us,” says Marco Roner, sub-project manager for power plant equipment. The special moment takes place on 12 December at Robbia power plant. The first turbine set-up is successfully synchronised with the power grid in a test. In other words, the turbine turns for the first time under the pressure of water from the Balbalera line and transfers its kinetic energy to the generator. The resulting base load of 1 MW is fed into the grid. This means that on this day, Robbia power plant produces electricity again for the first time in a year and a half.

“The production of the first kilowatt hour gives us the certainty that the entire power plant, from the water intake to the penstock and the turbines to the transformer and the grid feed-in, is working. We can be proud that we’re able to celebrate this success as a team after many years of work,” explains Michael Roth, Head of Generation & Grid.

Repower began the complete modernisation of Robbia hydropower plant in summer 2020. This is the largest renovation investment in the company’s history, worth around CHF 125 million. Once the work is complete in summer 2024 it will be possible to increase the volume of electricity generated by the Robbia plant by 10 per cent to around 120 GWh.

Marco Roner

Sub-project manager, power plant equipment