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Anchor stakeholders increase stakes in Repower


Canton Graubünden, EKZ and UBS-CEIS increase their stakes in Repower AG. Axpo sells its shareholding in Repower.

Share article

Repower AG headquarters in Poschiavo.

As part of a strategic portfolio adjustment, Axpo, the largest producer of hydropower in Switzerland, decided to sell its 12.69 per cent shareholding in Repower. The block of shares was taken over by the three remaining anchor shareholders, Canton Graubünden, Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich (EKZ) and UBS Clean Energy Infrastructure Switzerland (CEIS 3/UBS-CEIS 2). The share purchase was communicated by the Cantonal Chancellery of Graubünden on 29 June 2022.

The Canton of Graubünden took over the largest share of the package with 5.04 per cent. Its interest on 31 December 2022 thus came to 27 per cent. EKZ now holds a 38.49 percent stake, while the UBS-CEIS fund now holds 22.66 percent. With the canton and EKZ and UBS-CEIS, which have held a stake in Repower since 2016, three strong anchor shareholders with different core competencies remain in Repower’s shareholder base.


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