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Repower Renewable wants growth – but without wasting space


Repower Renewable increases the generation capacity of its plants with innovative solutions – without taking up additional floor space.

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Bifacial agrovoltaic plant at Castelgugliermo.

Repower has set itself a clear goal for developing additional generation capacity on the basis of renewable resources: to find innovative solutions that increase production without taking up additional land.

In line with this approach, a test phase was initiated to investigate the effectiveness of reblading at Lucera wind farm (26 MW) in Apulia. Reblading involves replacing the existing rotor blades with new, longer and more powerful ones. Based on the positive results of the tests, in 2022 the decision was made to replace all the rotor blades of this wind farm’s turbines. The work is completed in the first quarter of 2023. It is estimated that this will increase production by around 15 per cent, with the same amount of ground impact and installed capacity.

A second goal related to the generation of renewable electricity is to significantly increase the number of approved projects. Over the course of last year, the first results of these efforts became apparent: Repower received approvals for around 110 megawatts thanks to a solar power project in Sicily, one in Piedmont that is also equipped with a battery storage system, and one in Basilicata whose construction had already begun. The project portfolio was also advanced rapidly in the wind offshore sector: connection solutions were found for our three 495-megawatt projects on the open sea off the coasts of Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia.

“In 2022 Repower reaped the first rewards of its strategy of stepping up the generation of electricity production from renewable resources,” explains Laura Ruffini, Head of Renewables at Repower Italy. “Not only have we invested our efforts in increasing the output of our plants; we’ve focused exclusively on innovative solutions that minimise the environmental impact of both new and existing installations.”

Laura Ruffini

Head of Renewables Repower Italy


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