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Repower granted contract to contribute to federal hydropower reserve


The federal government is procuring a hydropower reserve to enhance security of supply in Switzerland. Repower tenders a successful bid.

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To avert the threat of electricity shortages, some of the water in the reservoirs (the picture shows Lago Bianco) is being held back for the Swiss federal government’s winter power reserve.

Repower retained some of the water in its reservoirs for the federal government’s power reserves for the winter of 2022/2023. The federal government secured a total of 400 GWh, with Repower awarded a contract to hold 24 GWh in reserve. The reserve was created to meet the requirement set down in the Ordinance on the Hydropower Reserve to safeguard against exceptional, unforeseeable critical shortages. It was intended to bridge a potential phase of reduced imports and lower availability of domestic production for a few weeks towards the end of winter.

Repower accounted for around 6 per cent of the volume of hydropower that was auctioned off. Given that Repower’s holds only around 3.5 per cent of the catchment in Switzerland, this share is disproportionately high.

“We offered as much of our production as possible at a competitive price. We liked the idea of using the energy we generate to meet a need that goes far beyond optimising our assets,” explains Lorenzo Pola, Head of Trading.

Lorenzo Pola

Head of Trading


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