Overview of the year

Overview of the year

From electricity products to customer service: Repower Italy offers more


Repower Italy supplies some 38,000 SMEs with electricity and gas, including the visionary Italian entrepreneur Teo Musso.

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The Baladin brewery in Piozzo in Piedmont has been buying renewable energy from Repower Italy since 2011.

The business relationship between Repower Italy and Teo Musso goes back to 2011. Wishing to run his Baladin brewery in Piozzo in Piedmont with renewable energy, the visionary Italian entrepreneur chose Verde Dentro, the first renewable electricity product from Repower Italy with a certificate of origin and TÜV certification.

In the end-to-end business, Repower Italy has one outstanding advantage: it’s able to cover the entire energy supply process, from generation to distribution and customer service. This means that the company can offer a complete range of services and provide a comprehensive solution to the energy needs of its customers. This multifaceted approach enables Repower Italy to assure a high quality of service.

In 2022 Repower delivered around 4 TWh of electricity and 375 million cubic metres of gas. The needs of its SME customers, who now number around 38,000, are taken care of by 466 sales consultants. Considering the exceptional rise in energy prices, the sales business is developing satisfactorily.

This is thanks in no small part to the broad range of services offered by Repower Italy. The Repower Italy services used by the Baladin brewery at its Piozzo production site include advice involving a thermographic analysis and the installation of the new voltage regulation service. Baladin also relies on Repower’s expertise when it comes to electric mobility, and has installed the PALINA charging station at the brewery.


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