4Other operating income

CHF thousand






Other operating income



Profit from disposal of tangible assets



Revenue from other operating activities



The profits from the disposal of tangible assets in 2021 relate in particular to grid assets and land.

In the year under review, revenues from other operating activities in the Market Italy segment include insurance payments of CHF 12,371 thousand for the damage and failure suffered in 2020 by Teverola combined cycle gas turbine power plant, which was initially repaired temporarily and, as planned, fully repaired in 2022 in the course of a scheduled overhaul. Insurance payments of CHF 6,321 thousand for the damaged tangible assets are recognised in cash flow from investing activities, whereas the insurance payments for the operating loss are recognised in cash flow from operating activities in the amount of CHF 6,050 thousand.

The prior year figure comprises the following one-time items: CHF 24,811 falling to the Market Switzerland segment (a CHF 21,013 purchase price adjustment made for the transfer of transmission grids and a CHF 3,798 thousand market premium received for large hydropower projects); a CHF 875 thousand gain on disposal from the sale of Aerochetto S. r.l. falling to the Market Italy segment; and CHF 2,873 thousand falling to the other segments and activities segment (payments of CHF 1,918 thousand received on the basis of a legal dispute won and a CHF 955 thousand gain on the disposal of the associate EL.IT.E. S.p.A.).


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