Overview of the first six months

An electric lorry for the Engadine


Transport of letters destined for the Engadine has gone green.

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The built-in batteries of the new electric truck have a capacity of 680 kWh.

The Graubünden-based company Hunger Transporte has joined forces with Repower to acquire a battery-powered lorry. It will be used to transport letters from the mail distribution centre in Zurich to the Engadine. In this pilot project, Repower is financing the vehicle batteries, and can use them to store energy temporarily while the truck is parked. Repower will have this pilot project scientifically monitored. The aim is to gain insights into the use of vehicle batteries in an energy industry environment. Every year, the new battery-powered lorry will be able to save around 40,000 litres of diesel and thus around 120 tonnes of CO2.


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