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We celebrate 100 years of Küblis power plant


The first electricity was generated at Küblis power plant in 1921. Repower celebrated the 100th anniversary with an open day and guests from the worlds of politics and business.

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Around 450 visitors joined Repower to celebrate on the open day at Küblis power plant.

The story began with a company called AG Bündner Kraftwerke. These days Küblis power plant is in the hands of Repartner Produktions AG, a partnership between energy utilities who together are pursuing the same aim as the founders 100 years ago: to make a contribution to the long-term, future-proof security of the energy supply in Switzerland.

On the evening of Friday, 22 October 2021 the festivities kicked off with a dinner with invited guests from the worlds of politics and business. In addition to representatives of the concession-granting municipalities, partner utilities and Repartner Produktions AG, Mario Cavigelli, head of the Graubünden government and department of energy, was also there. In his speech he praised the pioneering achievement of the builders of Küblis power plant and underscored the great importance of the energy industry for the canton. CEO of Repartner Produktions AG Gian Paolo Lardi gave those present an insight into the Chlus project and described in concrete terms how it would contribute to the future of energy. Gian Paolo Lardi is convinced that “the Chlus project is an ideal building block for the energy transition. Generating around 237 gigawatt hours a year, the planned installation will almost double current power production in the Prättigau area. The chances that the project will be realised look as good now as they ever have.”

“The Chlus project is an ideal building block for the energy transition”

Gian Paolo Lardi, CEO of Repartner Produktions AG

While cantonal president Mario Cavigelli praises the pioneering achievement of the builders of Küblis power plant, the youngest visitors at the open day dive into the world of the energy industry with state-of-the-art VR technology.

On Saturday, 23 October 2021, Küblis power plant opened its doors to the general public. On a day of bright sunshine and agreeable temperatures, more than 450 interested people took up our invitation to visit the plant. They went on tours through the “cathedral of technology”, sampled a grilled sausage and enjoyed the music of the Lenglerkapellä band from Saas. They were able to experience electric transport first-hand on a test drive in one of two electric cars, find out about the latest trends in solar power, and get an insight into our apprenticeships through virtual reality glasses at the HR stand. There were also plenty of attractions for the youngest visitors, including a competition and a make-up booth for kids.

Gian Paolo Lardi

Head of Generation Asset Management at Repower AG and CEO of Repartner Produktions AG


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